ITW (It's The Weekend)


True confessions: this is the way I would like to spend my weekend, but it never really happens that way. I am however planning to make fig yogurt pops, and based on the above it looks like I should be adding in thyme. Not sure how well they pair, but why not. 

Los Angeles is heating up (Praise Be!), so I'm hoping for some sun on Saturday. Sun and thyme infused cocktails. Anyone else?

Inslee Haynes AKA Totally GORGE

The rabbit hole that is the internet is (sometimes) a beautiful thing. I'm not sure how I ended up there, but I discovered Inslee Haynes this morning. The watercolors she did the Lela Rose Spring 2015 Runway Show are to die for. The top right is everything I dream about on a sunny afternoon. Swoon.

PS- You can buy them, sans frame, for only $35! Our offices just got a lot lovelier. 


See the prints here!


Read this interview with Joy Williams about her creative process for her latest Album, VENUS.

The word "season" comes up often in conversations in your twenties, it seems. Like any other twenty something today, I've navigated (and am still navigating) through my expectations for life versus the realities of life, who I am versus who I want to be, and how who I was or am is always morphing into something new, everyday, and that's okay. 

I have been a fan of Joy since her CCM days. I guess I feel more connected to her, and this album, because I remember listening to The Civil Wars when it was only a Myspace page and demos. I don't know what she's gone through, but I know in this "season" of mine, I have had to relearn who I am, why I love what I love, and why I love who I love. Coming out of the trenches of unhealthy relationships can create great, beautiful, meaningful art, that passes by entertainment and lights and showmanship and reminds you that you're human. This reason alone is why we create. For some reason, this interview reminded me of that today.