Bedroom Inspiration | Part 1

Calling all Los Angelenos: I've moved to the east side and it rules! Let's hang and tacos and all the things. I've been (way) on the westside since I moved here a year ago, so I was very ready for a change. I do miss the beach and the breeze, but I've gained late night movie screenings and backyard dinners and games of Phase10, so I'm feeling real good about it. 

While the rest of you were off galavanting, and surely not laboring on your Labor Day weekend last weekend, I was laboring, hard. RE: paint. Do not be fooled by small frame and youthful glow, I can adult when I want to. So, as only a perfectionist can do, I decided to paint my entire new room myself. Let's note, the ceiling was RED (think Van Gogh, Starry Night vibes but with a red sky and white swirlies), dark grey walls, and baby pink trim. What human thought this was a good idea? Baby Pink? Dark Grey? Red ceiling? Misguided Van Gogh vibes?! Bless you, but please leave the interior choices up to the professionals next time. 

My bedroom has to be a place where I can feel at peace, recharge for the day, or feel inspired to tackle my next creative endeavor. Over the past few years, I have refined my taste, and I'm confident in it. I love textures, contrast, angles, vintage touches, and a neutral color palette. For my new room on the east side, I'm going to play with a lot of frames, vintage maps and magazines, and a French flair here and there. 'Twill be a dream.

All in all, the lessons learned out of Labor Day painting escapades were as follows: I can be an adult, paint like a pro, and the boys in the paint section Home Depot are pretty cute. 

NEW MUSIC | Andra Day

Do you ever get in music ruts? That's me this week. I've been "craving" a certain type of sound, but I can't find it. I keep pressing the next button but nothing hits the spot. 

Andra Day has an insane voice and you should listen and that's pretty much the end of this story. She's exactly what I've been craving, and makes me miss Amy. What a treasure of talent that woman was. I think there is a lot to look forward to in Andra's new album. It comes out August 28th! Until then I'll be pressing replay on YouTube.

Long live soul singas and sass. 

A BROAD RANGE | Typical Magazine

I have the most talented friends. 

If you didn't notice the mass amounts of hash tagging/posting/vibes happening over the last few weeks around Typical Magazine from any of my feeds, you were likely living under a rock and I have zero qualms for calling you out on it. Get your junk together. 

But in all seriousness, I'm so excited for where Typical is going and am honored to be the Art Director and Designer on the project. It will be a special one. We are a small team, 2 single ladies from the Northeast, and a married couple from Atlanta, GA, with small wallets and big hearts. We're here to challenge the way you see things. To reintroduce the regular. 

In this video, Jessi Noel, one of the founders of Typical, wrote a lovely little script for all things ladylike and fun and vintage and I about passed out at the genius of it all. One of my nearest and dearest, and no stranger to this blog, Emari Traffie did the video, and Jessi's husband Ray was behind the lens capturing the day in stills for us.

How blessed am I to have friends like this? 

Read the whole article here, and follow Typical on Instagram