For the year 2014, my goal was to discover more of what it means to be truly gentle in spirit. Looking back, I've learned a lot about friendships and how my own selfishness effects those around me. How everything we do effects someone, or something. Friendship is such a special thing, requiring a lot of sacrifice, consideration, listening, and sometimes just good old fashion silliness.  Someone told me a few weeks ago that I "thought a lot about them, but maybe wasn't thinking  of them". What a simple way to distinguish the way we love one another.  

I want to be a woman who thinks of people, often. It's a classic case of less of me, more of You.

My Favorite Pinners

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

Today I made the unfortunate mistake of getting sugar free hazelnut in my iced coffee. To be fair, I asked for regular, and when my friendly neighborhood barista so kindly repeated it with the words "sugar free" in front of it, I went for it. Feeling adventurous on this Tuesday morning, I guess. Because, why not live a little. 

Here's the thing, though. Artificial sweeteners and "sugar free" nonsense give me headaches, but I thought, "hey, I'm a grown woman. Maybe times have changed."

Friends, times have not changed. As I sit here and type, I have this nagging little sister of a headache. Not enough to shut the blinds and call in the Advil reinforcements, but just enough that I can't listen to Electric Love by BØRNS on repeat. My Tuesday morning quickly went from "dance party in my head" to "Gimme more of those keys", Nils.  Not the kind of Tuesday morning I was imagining, but still pretty swell. 

I've been wanting to do this post for a while. I get so much inspiration from Pinterest, mainly for my own creative process. I've broken it down to what tend to pin the most from all of these ladies, but really, I love all of their boards. They all have a great eye- clean, sophisticated, but not dated. Milena is a personal friend of mine, and that girl knows how to take a photo. Love her style.  I find a lot of great design inspiration from Corina, Lia, and Caroline (her interiors boards rule as well), and Monica and Suze Q are good for pretty much everything. 

If you aren't following my on Pinterest, find me here! I tend to pin a lot... Join the party!

Cozy Day At Home

On Monday morning, my internal clock woke me up at 6:45. Note, that Monday was a Holiday, so I had no agenda for the day. So, I did what any one would do, and just laid there. It was really great. We all need that time of rest, to just relax and not think about anything- no noise, no distractions, not even my phone. (Actually that last one is a lie. I'm pretty sure I was pinning at one point...) It wasn't until about 9:30, when I finally got up and started doing some research. 

It was the coziest morning. The afternoon was filled with soul talks and baking, with a side of bourbon. A friend of mine is launching a new blog, and she uses a lot of bourbon in her recipes. It may or may not be the whole point of the blog. ;) These were chocolate chunk bourbon cookies with sea salt.

(Passes out on floor at the mere thought of the heavenly marriage of chocolate and bourbon...)

I've been working with her to get her blog and branding up and running, and when it goes live, you will definitely see it here!

I hereby give you freedom to do a solid 3o minutes of nothing today. It's good for your soul.